How We Got Here!

“You don’t think it’s supposed to be us, do you?” This was mostly meant to be a rhetorical question and if Brad did choose to respond, he was supposed to say, “What? Of course not.” I asked this question as we talked over outreach to refugees in Nantes, France after spending a week there with a short-term team from Faith in October. 

During our days in Nantes, we had no inkling that God was going to move us to France. We had enjoyed new experiences with our team members, we had been fascinated to meet refugees from multiple countries, and had our eyes opened to God’s work in moving masses of people out of the Middle East and North Africa to Europe where the Gospel is accessible to them. We had spent our evenings that week searching the internet for ministries effectively reaching refugees and only found a few. Somebody needed to do something! This is a dangerous thing to say and to pray. So, yes, it’s us, which is crazy.

Like you we have heard for years about refugees and have even prayed for them, but of course it is very different to sit down at a table surrounded by refugees from multiple countries and look at their faces and hear their stories. We are struggling with figuring out the logistics of moving another country. Refugees are forced to figure out the logistics of moving to another country under dangerous circumstances and by unsafe routes with no sure idea of where they will end up. And what will they do when they get there?

There are millions of refugees coming to Western Europe. During our time in Nantes, we saw simple but powerful ways to help. Refugees are looking for language classes so they can establish new lives in a new country. (Bonus: we can learn French right along with them!) They need help with visas and paperwork. And they are seeking community, a place of welcome. Well, we can do that with the love of Jesus. 

So, after 27 years of pastoral ministry, we are going to serve refugees. The plan is to provide a path for American and French Christians to help refugees and share Jesus with them: for Americans--short-term trips, internships, long-term, and for the French--events and programming they can step into.

We are so very grateful for you and that we aren’t doing this crazy thing alone!

-Thea and Brad